Richard “Dick” Stephenson

The sheath maker and leather worker.  Richard Stephenson is Shawn’s dad and Blaine’s grandpa.  Richard Stephenson is a retired carpenter.

Dick trained and showed horses with his dad and four brothers when he was young. Later he rodeo’d and competed in bull riding, bareback riding, and bull dogging. He went in to construction and had a farrier route on the weekends. He has passed this skill on to both Shawn and Blaine.   Dick used a two burner propane blacksmith forge with an air blower for making horse shoes. He passed that forge down and years later it is the forge we started the knife business with.   Dick did some leather work when he was younger and when leather work was more popular.  He got back into it when my Shawn and Blaine needed an sheath maker.  He hand stitches every sheath he makes and refuses to use a machine.