What about the logo?

When Dick, Shawn, and Blaine Stephenson started making knives, Blaine insisted that they begin to brand to each one. Blaine’s creation – an “S” enclosed in a mule – struck the Stephenson crew as the perfect logo to embody their business. Why a mule? Well, here’s the story:

Growing up in southern Illinois, Richard “Dick” Stephenson’s father owned two work mules. Dick learned how to ride on those mules. As he got older, he owned several good quarter horses for rodeos, but Dick always talked about buying a mule for coon hunting and trail riding.

One day, Dick purchased his dream: a 6 month old red mule colt named Jack Junior (JR). JR developed an affection for Dick as he grew older, always eager to be near him. Eventually, Blaine acquired a full brother to JR named Boomer, and Shawn trained a molly mule name Maude, using both Boomer and Maude in team roping competitions.

So why does this family have an affinity for mules? Mules have a reasoning ability horses don’t have. They are tough, athletic, and highly intelligent. Most of all, they are loyal, their reputable stubbornness creating a lasting bond of companionship with their masters. What better way to build our brand than by using the silhouette of the animal our family loves, representing strength, dignity, and fidelity?!