Blaine Stephenson

The knife maker.  Blaine is the grandson of Richard and son of Shawn.

He grew up hunting and fishing every time he had a chance. His first bass was 4 1/2 pounds when he was just two years old. Waterfowl hunting is his passion and every September is spent in Wisconsin with his dad duck and goose hunting.  He was never really interested in horses growing up until after high school and then started training horses and roping.  After high school he joined the Air Force and became a jet engine mechanic.  After serving his time he found finding a job difficult. Blaine utilized his GI Bill and obtained His Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Blaine is the first member of our family to obtain his Bachelors degree and soon followed by his Sister Toni. He has been trying to find a career and may have found one now. Blaine is a talented artist with pencil and colored pencil drawings. He rarely shares those outside the family but is using his talents to create one of a kind collectible knives.He works on knives part time and specializes in gem stone, agate, and crystal handles.