Bumble bee Jasper skinner


This knife blade has been through a deep cryogenic process where temperatures are lowered to -320 degrees.  This process is done at a controlled rate with a cryogenic processor that lowers the temperature of the knife blade from room temperature to -320 degrees.  The blade is held at -320 degrees for several hours.  This process makes the knife greater by helping with martensite transformation, steel stability, strength, and edge retention.

The blade: Mirror polished  CPM 154 Cm that has an hollow grind, slightly tapered tang with file work.

The handle:  Beautiful Bumble Bee Jasper found on the island Java in Indonesia.  304 stainless hand engraved bolsters to match the blade.

The sheath:  Beautiful hand beaded sheath to match and fit the knife. Also comes with the display/storage case pictured

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